Monday, 22 March 2010

Shropshire juniors qualify for Megafinal

Seven juniors qualified for the Megafinal stage of the UK Chess Challenge in an event held by Shropshire Junior Chess Academy on Saturday (20 March).

The qualifying tournament resulted in a tie for first place between Ieuan Fenton and Athar Mehmood, with Athar getting the trophy on the tie break from sum of progressive scores, while Francis Rooney came in third place.

The qualifiers, who will take part in the Megafinal to be held in Herefordshire on 1 May, are:

Ieaun Fenton U18
Sam Eardley U17
Jonathan Newey U15
Francis Rooney U15
Matthew Best U14
Athar Mehmood U14
Heath Pearson U9

Thursday, 4 March 2010

UK Chess challenge event - 20 March

Take part in the UK’s largest chess competition!

Shropshire Junior Chess Academy is holding a qualifying event for the UK Chess Challenge on Sat 20 March at Trinity School, Butts Lane, Ford, Shropshire, with the kind permission of the head teacher.

The event is a major national competition that attracts around 70,000 children each year. Those who take part in the Shropshire event on 20 March have the chance to qualify for a regional Megafinal in Herefordshire in May. And beyond that there is a Gigafinal and even a Terrafinal to find the champion of champions!

Entry fee £3.

To enter, simply complete the details on the attached document and send by email or post or if you’ve left it to the last minute, you can even telephone.